Services. Art and Imports

Awaken your space with hand-selected, original pieces from around the globe

When you hang a piece of original art in your home you are not only adorning your space, but you are connecting to the artist and telling a story. It’s as if the tapestry of your own life and home expands to include the tale of the person whose story, in art, has informed your own.

If you are an adventurer, international art can reflect the color, feel and experience of personal memories. If you invest in art made locally, you are not only supporting your artistic community, but you also benefit from the immersion in images or materials that speak of home.

Bold-Sky sees choosing art as a sacred act. We represent artists from around the world, and can help you select pieces that you love – whether you prefer tribal wood carvings, indigenous stonework, spiritual masks, Venetian glass, instruments, oil paintings, photography, or line drawings.

We look forward to helping make the choices you will cherish for a lifetime.