Services. Landscape Design

Unify indoor and outdoor beauty by celebrating and protecting living spaces

Bold-Sky sees outdoor spaces as extensions of the home or workplace, and we approach these places with our signature eclectic imagination. We create residential environments and garden designs of any scale for clients seeking unique, artful, and inspiring concepts.

Our landscape designers specialize in original and thought-provoking compositions for sites of all shapes and sizes. A Bold-Sky-designed landscape is likely to bring together unconventional materials and furnishings, found object art and lush textures––to create personalized outdoor rooms and living spaces that you, your clients or your community will love to spend time in.

At Bold-Sky, we practice landscape architecture as art, and with a deep commitment to sustainability. We look closely at the site specific characteristics and challenges of every landscape and its user’s needs. This results in distinctive concepts whose form and function coalesce to celebrate and protect living spaces.

We can deliver:

  • Construction documentation and specification
  • Irrigation plans
  • Material boards
  • Plant lists & correlated layout diagrams
  • Schematic concept designs

In a single afternoon, Nicole Davis transformed the blank slate of dirt circling my house into a living tapestry that stops admiring pedestrians in their tracks. I have a strong sense of my own style, and I especially appreciated that Nicole didn’t just take over and impose her own aesthetic on me. Instead, she accompanied me to the nursery, helped me choose plants, shrubbery and trees I loved (and educated me about how to make such choices) that encompassed a wide palette of colors, textures, shapes and sizes. Then she arranged them into a stunning composition. Thanks to Nicole’s vision and savvy, I live surrounded in beauty that expresses who I am and brings me joy every day.

Sage Cohen, founder and principal of Sage Communications