About Bold-Sky Studios

Your creative advocate, muse, business partner and wish-granter

Bold-Sky Studios was established in 1999 to elevate the standard of beauty and delight by which we live and work. We partner with individuals, families and businesses to create unprecedented indoor and outdoor spaces that reflect what is most extraordinary about who you are.

Classically trained in the science of design, founder Nicole Davis sees traditional approaches as a leaping-off point into the realm of invention. We draw from a global palette, ranging from ancient to contemporary, to bring you a surprisingly dynamic expression of inner and outer spaces that is uniquely your own.
Our goal is for design to enhance the quality of your life by surrounding and inspiring you with beauty.

There are woefully few designers that truly understand - and can meet - business needs. I don't know of anyone else that can create a custom color palette for your building in ten minutes and then turn around and build a budget. It's as if there's no division between Nicole Davis’ left and right brain.

Corky Collier, Executive Director, Columbia Corridor Association