How We Do It

The methodology behind our magic

“Boldness has genius, power and magic in it.” – Goethe

At Bold-Sky Studios, we guide you through a proven design process that culminates in a style and a space that you love.

Two, key considerations inform our design concepts: The nature of the space (all raw interiors present unique character, opportunities and limitations) and the needs of our clients. Once we deeply understand who you are, how you live and what resonates for you, we hone your vision, expand upon it, give it wings.

Here you will learn about the methodology that guides our process.

1. Identify Needs

Our collaborative design process begins with defining your personality, passions, lifestyle, needs, vision, desires, ideas, budget and timeframe. You will create a loose Design Scrapbook of imagery that you like (photos, illustrations, font types, paintings, etc.) This will inform our creation of several Mood Boards that conceptually reflect the styles and images you provided. This helps us further refine our collective understanding of your aesthetic preferences.

2. Evaluate Site

Each space presents unique opportunities and challenges. By carefully examining all of your site’s features, we can create a design experience that leverages natural and man-made elements for maximum beauty and performance.

3. Develop design concept

In this big-picture, creative brainstorm phase, we generate multiple ideas and plans in collaboration with you until we have narrowed the possibilities into a single, refined concept. Then, we begin to gather material samples, take measurements and collect specifications. Often, we will accompany you to showcases, garden centers or galleries, to further clarify your preferred styles and design elements.

4. Develop Design

At this point, it’s time to translate vision into reality. Depending on the nature of the project, we will provide:

  • Floor plans
  • Lighting plans
  • Sketches
  • Elevations
  • Information on finishes and materials
  • Plant lists
  • Contractor and subcontractor recommendations
  • Cost estimates
  • Once you have approved the design, we begin drafting your build documents.

5. Secure Construction Documents

Working with a team of experienced and talented architects, craftspeople, artisans, engineers and/or construction people, we will provide detailed documentation as needed for:

  • Structural engineering details
  • Mechanical layout drawings
  • Irrigation plans
  • Any adjustments in the scope or quality of the project details or project budget
  • Drawings and site specifications
  • Filing documents for government approval(s)
  • Construction contracts
  • We ensure that these documents are as clear and precise as possible, so you can trust that your project will reflect your vision, your timeline, your budget, and your quality standard.

6. Project Management

We act as your informed advocate throughout all of the building phases of your project. Whether you need help managing timelines, understanding documents, projecting risks, minimizing construction costs, or monitoring building progress and quality, Bold-Sky can help.